Four people were arrested after a raid in Starr County. 

The Starr County special crimes unit executed a search warrant at an illegal gambling establishment in Rio Grande City located between Church lane and FM 755 at around 9 pm this Thursday. 

“They were assisted by the Rio grande police department, and this operation lasted about five hours.” 

Upon arrival, officers presented the warrant and entered the premises where they located a group of people that were playing, many of which received a warning. 

However they were able to detain 44-year-old Cindy Elizabeth Lopez, Erika Ramona Silva, and Ricardo Rodriguez both 37 years old, and 59-year-old Margarita Mendoza, they were transported to the Starr County jail. 

152 slot machines were also seized on the scene and transported to the Starr county investigation department where they will be used as evidence in the case.

“On an 8 liner establishment which leads to four arrests, four employees from Rio Grande City these people were charged for gambling promotions, keeping a gambling establishment, and engaging in organized criminal activity.” 

The amount of money that was confiscated at the time of the raid is still unknown, however, authorities say this is the fourth operation conducted at an illegal gambling site. 

If you suspect suspicious activity where you live, it is important that you report it to authorities as soon as possible.