The former border patrol agent accused of fatally stabbing a woman and her son spoke for the first time in court.

Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles asked to speak in private with 49th district judge Joe Lopez, a conversation that lasted close to 30 minutes. 

During this hearing, an exchange of evidence was approved. This includes cell phone tower data, cast of tire impressions, list of witnesses and Snapchat messages and images. 

Burgos Aviles is accused of fatally stabbing 27-year-old  Grizelda Hernandez and one-year-old Dominic Alexander. A crime he plead not guilty to.
During the hearing, the judge said family may not speak to members of the media as it may affect the jury selection. A gag order is in place for this case. However, the judge said the court hearing will be open to the public. 

Jury selection will begin February 3, 2020, and trial expected for March of next year.