For the past 5 months, a family has been living on edge because their neighbor installed a fence that’s blocking them from accessing their alleyway.

“When we have our company spectrum or any utility company come into our homes they have to go around”

The homeowner adds that even after filing a police report, the neighbor still refused to remove the fence.

“But he continues to blocking our easement doorway which has been very difficult for us to keep up with our utility and maintenance and in case of emergency evacuations”

Behind me is the fence that was installed which for the past 5 months has created problems for the homeowners since maintenance workers can’t access the utility services.

We reached out to the city manager who told us they asked the neighbor to remove the fence after receiving complaints from utility companies.

“It happens to be that there is no access for us or the city to go and do any maintenance work for the water meter so consistently that was conveyed to Mr. Ortiz”

The manager adds that Mr. Ortiz agreed to take down the fence but hasn’t done so.

“I placed that panel it’s a 6 by 8 panel because I saw kids were coming and going freely through their property and to my property so I thought it best if we closed that area”

Mr. Ortiz says he will be removing the fence this weekend.

“We are going to remediate it I already spoke to the city and they gave me a time period to go ahead a remediate it we are going to make a gate so everyone can have access”

City officials want to inform the community that if they have a similar problem, they can reach out to them.