After misconceptions about who can apply for FEMA assistance, officials want to let the community know renters can also apply for assistance.
Fema public affairs agent Robin Smith tells Fox News, disaster assistance teams who are going door to door, have been hearing renters say they are not aware that help is also available for them.
“So I want to clarify and make sure that renters know that they definitely are able to apply for FEMA assistance as well.”
Smith adds that if you decide to visit a disaster recovery center make sure to take the proper documentation.
“If you are a renter bring your lease, your social security number, picture ID. If you happen to have insurance on the contents of your home then we would also need the declaration page or the front page of your insurance policy as well and if you’re a homeowner bring all proof of ownership of your house.”
Smith wants to clarify that these other rumors are also false:
-You must wait for your insurance claim to be complete before applying for federal assistance.
-Survivors who do not have titles to their home cannot register.
-If you report your damages with the city or county officials, you are registered with FEMA.
If you haven’t applied for assistance there are three ways you can register, which are by calling
1-800-621-3362, online at or go in person to a disaster recovery center.
Fema officials remind the community they have until September 4 to register.