Federal Judge Denies Birth Certificates to U.S. Born Children of Undocumented Parents

A petition asking the government to grant birth certificates for U.S. born children of undocumented parents is denied by a federal judge.

This leaves parents once again empty handed.

An emergency petition, since many children aren’t being allowed to enroll in school and some even about to lose Medicaid services due to the lack of this vital document.

“The judge say it’s a worrying matter, however he denied the petition until trial takes place…and that could take months.”

In the Valley, currently 60 defendants turned their cases to Texas Legal Aid, however the affected are many statewide.

“Here in the Valley there’s about 100 people affected, and statewide I could say it’s thousands.”

In Texas, a child’s birth certificate is given at the Texas Health Department, though Texas law states a foreign photo id is an official document.

Affected say health department employees don’t accept it as an official form of identification.

“Since they don’t accept the matricula consular–or a passport without a visa–undocumented immigrants run out of options.”

If you need legal assistance, you may call Texas Legal Aid at (956) 787-8171, the service is free.

Legal aid will go through with the case, and preparing for trial sometime soon.

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