San Juan (KFXV) –A San Juan Police officer, was placed under federal custody Thursday, but details of his arrest have not yet been released.
San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez, confirmed to Fox news, that federal agents arrested officer Richard Castillo, but couldn’t go into detail about the federal investigation as well as expressing, having no details on the cause of his arrest.
The officer is covered by civil service law process and procedures, and his employment status will be handled and processed in accordance to the San Juan civil service commission and disciplinary actions mentioned in Chapter 143 of the Texas local government code — which includes that fire fighters or police officers could be removed or suspended if there is a conviction of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude, any violations of the municipal charter, and acts showing a lack of good moral character — among others.
The department, denied providing further information about Castillo. We contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but have not obtained any details.