In Raymondville, the recent discovery of 86 immigrants inside a tractor-trailer takes us back to a case that happened a year ago in San Antonio. Now more than ever, federal agents are tackling down on human smuggling
Homeland Security Deputy Special Agent Timothy Tubbs, says undocumented immigrants will risk it all while searching for a better life.
On June 23, 2017, 10 immigrants died after a failed smuggling attempt in San Antonio.
“To see their loss of life that they could hardly breathe that they were unresponsive and to know that these criminal organization put them in that situation.”
“I’m telling you as a criminal investigation agent I’ve been doing federal law enforcement for 20 years and working with human smuggling, I was impacted.”
Deputy Special Agent Tubbs, tells Fox News about this case in particular. He says the dangers that these people go through are very alarming.
“These organizations what they’re trying to do is make money they don’t care about the human what they see the human as is a product.”
Once they put their lives at the hands of the smugglers the immigrants will not be taken into account until they arrive at their destiny, if they happen to arrive with life.
“They put them on semi-trailers to be smuggled north where they are locked inside where they have no idea about the heat inside where they don’t have water.”
In the San Antonio investigation, the driver, James Mathew Bradley was sentenced to life in prison, after the death of 10 people.
Multiple agencies continue their efforts to prevent this type of illegal activity.