A mysterious package was delivered to a government employee’s home. Because of this, two workers had to be medically evaluated.
“He did not like the contents that were inside the letter so he took the package to the FBI building in Shiloh after they called 911 and we dispatched our hazmat units to the scene.”
Captain Puente did not disclose the contents of the package. He said that at the scene, the package was left inside the employee’s vehicle to be inspected. It is now in the hands of the FBI under investigation in San Antonio.
To be safe, two government employees were taken to a hospital to be checked, officials say they are both fine. Initial testing of the package shows the contents inside were not harmful.
This is not the first time someone receives a mysterious package. Last year, a woman contacted authorities after something was left in her doorstep. It appeared she mistakenly received a wrong item but the Laredo Fire Department want the community to remain alert.
“As always, if you receive something in the email that you feel something suspicious about it, feel free to contact any of the division the Laredo Fire Department so we can take a look at it.”
The FBI states they are doing additional tests on the package and will take several days.