The Texas Rangers are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting in Edinburg.
Authorities say the victim was trying to hurt himself with a deadly weapon. When officers arrived, he allegedly threatened their lives.
“The suspect in this case identified as 48-year-old HunterAllenn of Edinburg had been drinking all day, was highly agitated, also has a history of mental illness.”
At the scene, officers confirmed it was a male suspect who tried taking his life with a knife.
 “In reference to a domestic disturbance in progress in which an alleged suicidal individual had assaulted a female. On arrival, the officer learned that a female had indeed been assaulted.”
According to authorities, the suspect walked towards them, threatening them with a weapon, a situation that provoked officers to use lethal force, causing the man to die.
“The officers are fine, they did not sustain any injuries. They are currently on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. As well as pending the outcome of an internal investigation.”