RGV (KFXV) — In a reunion today with Representative Filemon Vela, the family of one valley veteran asks for help to bring him back in the united states after being deported.

Alfredo Garcia is a veteran who fought in the Vietnam War, however his battle only begun after coming back home as he found himself in the other side of the law.

Garcia’s family says he did not treat his post traumatic stress in time which led him into legal trouble. It was too late, immigration officials then deported Garcia.
His brother, Alan Blackwelder, who resides in Brownsville, has taken care of his brother since his deportation.
He says over the year, his life and health have slowly deteriorated.

During the meeting today, Representative Vela spoke to a number of veterans about the help they can get after coming home from war and what families can do if their loved ones have been taken to Mexico.

Along with Alfredo Garcia’s family, V says he hopes that he can help the U.S. veterans come back home and get the help they deserve.