The case of Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez remains under investigation. Family members in Guatemala want answers.
“The dad from Claudia has been calling me to ask me what’s going on and what happened if he’s arrested, who is he and the only thing I said is ‘I don’t know.”’
The incident happened May 23 in Rio Bravo, Texas and up to this date, authorities have not revealed a status on the investigation.  Marta says she ran outside after hearing a gunshot and saw a border patrol agent with a gun in his hand and a woman, identified as 20-year-old Claudia Patricia, laying on the floor.
According to a statement from border patrol, agents responded to a call reporting illegal activity. At the scene, a 15-year veteran found a group of undocumented immigrants. When he ordered them to stop, they ignored his commands and instead rushed him, causing him to fire one round from his firearm and fatally striking the young woman.
The consulate of Guatemala in Del Rio, says Claudia’s family members are taking action.
“The family is about to sign an agreement with the ACLU. This is the final step that needs to be taken. The organization will then conduct an internal investigation.”
In an earlier interview, the agent’s attorney said it makes no sense that anyone would cause an incident like that on purpose and that the veteran followed policies and protocols from border patrol.
“My client is very much heartbroken over the loss of this young lady’s life. In behalf of him and the entire law enforcement community, we’re holding this young lady in our prayers and her family as well.”
We contacted the FBI, who is investigating the case, but they said they don’t have an update to share. We’ll be following this incident and bring you the latest information.