A woman and her daughter are distraught after an incident left them homeless.
A family’s home was engulfed in flames Sunday night. Luckily, no one was severely injured. Only a kitten and a captain with the Laredo Fire Department suffered minor injuries.
“One personnel got slightly burned, first-degree to second-degree burns to the forehead, but he’s alright he is already out of the hospital.”
Two homes and a shed caught fire. Sofia Muñiz and her 15-year-old daughter were able to escape. The other home was not occupied.
“We already had several years living here, several Christmases. We lost everything, my marriage certificate, identification, we lost all our paperwork.”
While the fire is under investigation, the fire department could not disclose the cause of the incident. However, Muñiz claims she already knows who is responsible.
“My husband arrived and I told him I left his clothes outside. He said he was going to grab a tool from the shed. When he went to the back, I went inside and I locked the door then I saw my bedroom window catch fire.”
The Laredo Fire Department continues to investigate the case. If you’d like to help the muñiz family, you can call 635-8805.