A family searches desperately for their missing loved one, along the Texas border, forcing them to live in their car for over 2 weeks. This, after not knowing where he’s been for almost two months. Maria and her son search relentlessly along the border for their missing father — even living in their car — after he last called on May 27th saying he was about to cross the Laredo border.

After one year of living in El Salvador leaving a wife who’s ill and 5 children in Virginia, Yensy Omar Carmona took the chance of coming back to the U.S. after being denied a U.S residency while applying in his home country. They drove more than 25 hours from Virginia to Texas to pick up her husband but instead of receiving a call from him , she received a different call that took the trip on a different route. But there was one person that said he saw him and gave them one last hint. This has led the family to search every corner for him. Fox investigated and contacted more than 6 facilities and officials to find Rodriguez but the results were they could not find him. The family says they think he is possibly detained in a detention center under a different name.

While the family searched, they ask that if you have seen them call the police department.