A family in mission is asking McAllen City officials for answers after a police unit crashed into their parked vehicle. Officials say the 16-year-old is the family member of an officer with the McAllen Police Department. And while the case is being investigated, the family whose vehicle was hit is now having to pay hundreds of dollars to repair their car.
Authorities tell Fox News, that the McAllen unit was stolen from the officer. The police report shows it was a 16-year-old male, who was involved in the accident on March 10th.
“Our vehicle was parked outside of the house and at 2:58 am, this individual came and rammed into our vehicle. He did try to keep going, umm the vehicle was on three wheels.”
The officer whose vehicle was stolen is under administrative investigation.
“As civilians, we’re supposed to comply with the law, I believe they should comply with the law as well.”
But according to a letter, the city of McAllen is not legally responsible for the damages.
“It’s been over a month, we have a police report. They have declined coverage. And the vehicle was parked, so I don’t understand why they would decline coverage if it was a city unit.”
“Maria” tells us, she is now paying hundreds of dollars for an accident that wasn’t their fault.
“We’re forced to place it through our insurance and we are forced to pay our deductible for this. On top of that, we still have to have a rental vehicle, and they’re pretty pricey, so it’s all an inconvenient for us.”

In a statement, McAllen City Attorney, Kevin Pagan says that under Texas law, the municipality isn’t liable for the damages resulting from the accident since the person that caused it, was not an employee. Adding that the vehicle was taken and driven without permission.The city attorney also tells us that they will be working with the owner, to determine if other assistance can be made available to those affected.The crash is being investigated by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.