Several families from Llano Grande Resort in Mercedes are left without a home after a fire last night. Today, homeowners have to accommodate their living situation.

According to authorities, close to 7 pm on Thursday, Mercedes firefighters attempted to put out the flames, but it seemed that it was only extending. Therefore, firefighters from La Feria, Weslaco, Edcouch Elsa, Donna and Alamo were called in to assist.

“We were here from 7 until 3 in the morning trying to put it out, we just couldn’t contain it fast enough. “

The Mercedes Fire Marshal says the first call came from a home where smoke was reported within a bedroom.

Authorities confirmed three homes were a total loss and five others received smoke and heat damage.

“It was really windy, so my firemen had a tough night.”

One of the homeowners affected by smoke damage says the fire was only feet away from her home.

“It was only the side and my bathroom windows that were damaged so I am really grateful that the fire was contained. “

No victims were reported with this incident, but now several families are left to find another home. Mercedes authorities say the cause of the fire remains under investigation.