Rio Grande Valley drivers might find it difficult to get from Ware Road to McColl Road due to construction on the busy expressway. But the question many residents might have is when will this project be done?
“The project began in February of 2017, it was gonna take approximately three years, we’re looking at a completion date of may 2019.”
Octavio Saenz Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation, tells Fox News that this project stemmed from the growing population in the area turning Bicentennial into an underpass.
“You look at population growth, in 1990 there were around 35,000 people more or less when you fast forward to the projections of the U.S. Census Bureau for 2017 that number just skyrockets to over 850,000.”
Saenz adds that although traffic might be slower at the moment, if drivers obey the speed limit it should help pull traffic through much faster without any accidents.
“The problems occur when people do not respect the speed limit of 55 miles per hour and get into a fender bender, and because you’re encased in concrete it’s very difficult for emergency vehicles to get there.”
Saenz says that after the project is done it will greatly benefit the Rio Grande Valley area.