Experts Warn of Phone Scams

McAllen (KFXV) — Phone calls from an unknown number asking for money — that’s what one man from the valley claims happened to him.

He recorded the conversation and wants to warn our community to avoid falling prey to scammers during tax season.

We spoke to a man who nearly became a victim of a phone scam. Experts say the first thing to do is to take control of the situation.

This McAllen resident says he was even provided with a case number so he decided to make the phone call worried that he may be in any kind of legal problems; except, he didn’t recall owing so much money for failing to acquire insurance for an unknown medical purchase.

That’s when he realized it was a scam.

We spoke with experts at the Better Business Bureau who tell us the red flags to look out for.
If they pressure you about giving up personal information like your credit card or social security number, it’s likely a scam.

She adds you can ask them to provide you the information in writing and have it mailed to you so that you can determine the validity of a debt.

Experts ask that you be suspicious of anyone demanding money over the phone. You should also report the incident to the authorities or the Better Business Bureau.

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