Emotions Run High As Sentencing Hearing Continues For Man Guilty Of Capital Murder

Today more witnesses went before the jury. Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval was found guilty of murder for the death of Javier Vega Jr.
Javier Vega Sr. was one of the witnesses. He talked about the pain he’s been going through physically and emotionally after losing his son and being shot by Tijerina-Sandoval.
Vega Jr.’s mother Marie Vega, told the jury about the day the defendant ambushed her family
“I don’t understand how someone like Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval felt entitled to come and hurt my family.”
Javier Vega the 3rd, son of Vega Jr. took the stand for the first time. He talked about how his father is never going to see his grandchildren grow up.
“It’s never going to be the same, he’s never going to be there for my kid’s adult life.”
Giovanni Vega another one of Vega’s sons, was at the scene on the day his father was murdered. He says he fears for his life since the incident.
“Ht’s been scary for my life, I’m scared of things. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”
On Wednesday afternoon, Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval was convicted of capital murder and attempted capital murder for shooting and injuring Javier Vega Sr., four years ago on August 3, 2014. The incident happened at a fishing site in Willacy County when Vega Jr. and his family were enjoying a day out. According to Vega Sr.’s statement Tijerina-Sandoval and his co-defendant Ismael Hernandez Vallejo, who is being tried separately, shot at them after attempting to steal their vehicles.
The sentencing hearing is scheduled to continue next week more witnesses are expected to testify. We will keep you informed on this case.