Edinburg Neighborhood Shooting under Investigation

In tonight’s top story, FOX 2 cameras on the scene as authorities investigate a shooting where neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots.

Emma Barrera has the exclusive images from the city of Edinburg.

I’m currently in the city of Edinburg where an apparent shooting happened in the community of Los Alzares this afternoon.

These are exclusive images of police at the scene.

Calls came in to our newsroom around four this afternoon with reports of gunshots heard on Los Azares Street and Rano Avenue in north Edinburg.

You can see in the images exclusive to FOX 2, as Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputies question a possible witness.

We attempted to get answers from the sheriff’s on the scene.

“I can’t comment.”

I spoke to one neighbor who did not want to be identified, who said he heard several gunshots outside his home, and went outside to see what was happening.

“I saw the two trucks after I heard the shots, but they took of very quickly.”

Authorities have not confirmed any of this information at this time, but we will keep you updated with any details that become available.

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