Edinburg CISD Implements Social Robot For Students With ASD

Edinburg CISD is the first school district in the Rio Grande Valley to implement ”Milo” a social robot designed to help kids with autism. Gwen Gunter, Regional Sales Manager for the company RoboKind tells us that ”Milo” teaches kids how to show certain expressions such as smiling when happy and frowning when sad.
“”Milo” was designed to support social, emotional behavior, so calm down techniques, how to socialize with conversations, play dates, birthday parties and then emotions.This will help kids build their social skills as many with autism are behind on some of these skills.”
Kids can interact with ‘Milo’ in a group or on a one to one bases. According to RoboKind students with ASD engage with “Milo” at a rate as high as 90 percent compared to that of humans which is only 3 percent. The school district is expected to implement six robots at six different elementary schools. School officials hope to see students with ASD grow in their social skills.