Earthquake Hits Mexico City

More than 143 people are dead after a 7,1 magnitude quake hit mexico this afternoon. We spoke to a Mexico City resident who was working at the time of the incident.
In less than two weeks, Mexico has seen two powerful earthquakes that have left more than 200 dead. This afternoon’s event can only be described as a horrific experience by those affected.
This earthquake happens exactly 32 years from Mexico’s deadliest quake that killed thousands.
Roberto David Smith Jimenez, tells FOX, since that date, drills are practiced yearly.
Jimenez, says that despite feeling the tremor, overall the area he’s located in didn’t see major damages.FOX news spoke to some valley residents, who say they’ve tried reaching out to friends and family members in mexico but some have been unable to connect. Rescue efforts are still taking place throughout the country.