The Texas Department of Public Safety will be enforcing operation “move over, slow down,” a law that was passed in 2003.

Sirens are the sounds to which the community is required to move to the right side of the road or slow down if traffic does not allow you to pull over. It also requires you to be more alert and slow down if you see first responders with their emergency lights on.

According to a preliminary report, in 2017, DPS issued more than ten thousand citations for violating this law. That is why the Laredo Fire Department is asking the community to follow move over, slow down. They say they are in a rush to assist others.

“Minutes count, seconds count when our firefighters are responding on the fire trucks or the ambulance they are going to an emergency. They are going to potentially revive a heart attack victim so seconds count.”

Laredoans say its important to not get distracted while hearing the sirens.

“It’s important so we can maintain safety for our police when they are doing their job and slowing job will prevent officers especially when we are distracted with sirens and the lights, so slowing job will help cops do their job and also be safe.”

“It is for our safety also and also so they can get by to take that person in the ambulance to care to the hospital or wherever they need to be to go.”

DPS will be monitoring the streets of Laredo to make sure everyone follows move over, slow down.

Authorities remind the community that you can receive a fine of up to $200 for not obeying the law and could face jail time if you cause an accident.