Donna ISD School Board Approves ‘Due Process’ Policy to Protect Employees from Unfair Practices

The Donna ISD school board unanimously approves a resolution aimed at protecting employees from unfair practices.

The Teachers Association in Donna says it worked on the proposal for over three years to help pass a ‘due process’ policy to protect ‘at-will’ employees from being demoted, replaced or fired without a just cause. Board president Albert Sandoval says these efforts are not the result of a political retaliation lawsuit that the board and the district lost in April.

“We’re hoping it can prevent future lawsuits. It could’ve been resolved at an earlier point. We as a board felt we were right, but unfortunately the board didn’t see it that way but we have to respect those decisions,” says Sandoval.

Employees who won the discrimination lawsuit are expected to receive nearly $900,000 in compensations and get their jobs back in the next two weeks.
Donna ISD becomes the second school district in the Rio Grande Valley to implement a due process policy after McAllen ISD.

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