Trevino Deposition Cancelled

This afternoon allegations surfaced against former Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño, in a civil suit filed in state court.
Robert Caples, former hidalgo county sheriff candidate, is suing Treviño, for accepting campaign contributions from convicted drug trafficker Tomas ‘El Gallo’ Gonzalez.
Although, four hours and 11 minutes into the heated deposition, Lupe Treviño walked out.
Attorney Javier Peña tells fox 2 news, that although the deposition was cancelled, he was satisfied with the information they were able to obtain to forward with the civil suit.
Claims from Lupe Treviño’s history dated all the way back to the time when he worked at Austin P.D.– where he confirmed drug-related buys in the Rio Grande Valley between the years 1974 and 1988– and his first time running for hidalgo county sheriff in 2004.
When asked about former hidalgo county district attorney’s office investigator, Aida Palacios, Treviño said she was quote, ‘a liar and an investigator’.
And the deposition is expected to be rescheduled Monday morning at the 93rd district court; FOX 2 NEWS will keep you updated with the latest information.
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