Trial against Ciro Manuel Rodriguez continues as he allegedly participated in a car race that left one person dead and one with severe brain damage.

It all started January 5th 2016, that was a day 28-year-old Ciro Manuel Rodriguez Trevino crashed against 25-year-old Angel Cordero Garcia, known as Jorge, who now has permanent brain damage due to the collision. Is friend, 20-year-old Marcelo Flores, who was in the car with him, lost his life.

According to police reports, Rodriguez was north of 10th street in Edinburg as Trevino was coming west when they collided. Officials stated Rodriguez was racing with his friend 23-year-old Rene Raul Ramirez. Rodriguez alleges that he was not racing, but Ramirez confessed that they were, and that they were driving over 100 miles per hour. Rodriguez attorney says Garcia was on his phone during the incident and passed the red light on 10th street and Sprague.

The victim that passed away, Flores had a GoPro camera in his lap at the time, which is now being used as evidence. If the suspects are condemned, they would face two counts of racing on a highway and causing serious bodily injury.

The trial continues this week with hopes of resolving the case.