More than 4,700 people have already received financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The help equals more than 28 million dollars.
Representatives continue to work with families affected by the June storms. Officials urge those who haven’t applied, to register now so they can receive federal aid to restore their homes.
“FEMA has several programs that are available for affected residents. Also, we work together with voluntary agencies and we have all these resources available for the affected people so they can rebuild and reconstruct their home.”
Tomorrow, September 4 is the last day for victims to apply for these federal benefits.
“So tomorrow is the last day. We are doing the last call to everybody who was affected by the past rain on June to get help and to assist to the centers so we help them out.”
FEMA media relations officer Rossyveth Rey tells us you must take the proper form of documentation to complete your application.
“A social security number. If they don’t have a social security number, they can address this registration through a member of the family. They also need a list of all the damages in the home, we need also the address the location where it was affected by the storm and also we bank account and routing number.”
You can visit a recovery center in Hidalgo or Cameron county to register, call 1-800-621-3362 or you can also visit www.Fema.Gov/disaster and apply by tomorrow.