In the early hours of the morning, agents with the drug enforcement administration loading a trailer with dozens of boxes. These, filled with thousands of expired, unused or unwanted prescribed medicine.
The most recent statistics by the DEA, indicate that 6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. Most of these are obtained through family and friends.
“The unused medications are unsafe for children in the household. You don’t want to have medications that are in there for teenagers– anybody in the house– it’s unsafe.”
The DEA was able to collect approximately 35-hundred pounds of unwanted or unused drugs, during their takeback event in the Rio Grande Valley.
“We have local community partners; the different police departments throughout the valley. We partner up with them.”
The incineration process takes a couple of hours, depending on theĀ amountĀ of drugs that are being disposed of and the type of narcotic.
Nationwide, the DEA was able to collect more than 474 tons of drugs, making it the largest collection of medications to date.
Despite these results, they stress that their goal is to continue fighting the drug epidemic.
“If anybody has information that they’d like to provide to the DEA, anonymously, they can go to our website and there’s a page where you type in the information and a DEA agent will be contacting you.”
For more information on how to get rid of your expired or unwanted medication, you can visit There you will be able to find the closest location to dispose of your medicine.