Several DACA recipients were detained this afternoon by Border Patrol. This, as their verification status was reviewed during an immigration inspection. Fox News South Texas spoke to two DACA recipients who were in border patrol custody for several hours, as they attempted to travel out-of-town for work. This woman who asked to be called ‘Eslendi’ says her husband’s phone call caught her by surprise. Her husband, who we’re referring to as ‘Jose’, says he was in Border Patrol custody for at least seven hours. He adds that despite being released, he received a warning from agents. In a statement to Fox News, Border Patrol says ‘when a DACA recipient presents themselves for immigration inspection, they will temporarily be detained for accuracy and verification status”. Immigration Attorney, Norma Sepulveda tells us an in-depth investigation into DACA recipients’ background could be used against them.

Immigration experts asking DACA recipients to avoid traveling unless extremely necessary.