Miguel Diaz-Canel becomes Cuba’s next president after he ran unopposed. Diaz-Canel will be the first non-Castro in nearly six decades to lead Cuba.
Fox News spoke to a local Cuban immigrant who came to the United States as a child. He tells us about this new leader and what his views are of where Cuba is at the moment.
“With this new guy coming in I really do not think that things are gonna change. I think maybe when Raul Castro passes away, if the guy wants to, then there could be change.”
Lazaro Fernandez says that he and his family immigrated from Cuba in 1964, he tells Fox News that communism completely changed his native country.
“We have been seeing our country Cuba, where I was born, has been deteriorating day by day until the way it is now.”
The new president has vowed to protect whatever the Castro family has built and to modernize the economy, but Fernandez doesn’t believe that.
“This new guy is only the face of Cuba, but it will remain and will continue the same.”
He adds that many in Cuba don’t know anything but communism.
“You know it’s kind of hard because at my age more or less, these kids were born into communism, and all they see from first grade up is brainwashed about communism and how perfect it is.”
Fernandez hopes that one day he will see his native country flourish away from communism.