A woman who was picking up her child after school allegedly tried to cut in line and became frustrated when a school employee stopped her.

“This person was not patient. This person drove the vehicle and kept aggressively driving and struck one of our assistant principals.”

According to United ISD police, the employee did not suffer major injuries. The incident happened at Salinas Elementary School at about 3 in the afternoon. As you can see in the images, the suspect was driving a silver car.

UISD officials say they have already identified the suspect and will be presenting evidence to the District Attorneys Office for prosecution.

This incident happened just weeks after law enforcement officials asked “Laredoans” to be careful due to the high volume of traffic expected at the beginning of the school year. Adding they are glad this incident did not escalate.

“When you throw a vehicle at a person like that it can be very deadly. You don’t even have to state the obvious as to how dangerous the situation could have been for us. You have to leave your home a little bit more early just like everyone else.”

UISD officials are not releasing the name of the assistant principal or the suspect due to the ongoing investigation.