After a councilman’s proposition of adding security measures to 8-liner establishments was voted down, councilman George Altgelt will once again discuss this issue tonight.
Altgelt is asking for certain council members to reconsider making these businesses safer through the installation of commercially reasonable security measures.
In tonight’s agenda packet, he is addressing council members Roberto Balli, Charlie San Miguel, Alberto Torres, Alex Perez, Vidal Rodriguez and Rudy Gonzalez.
Balli says he supports the idea of making these establishments safer, as long as the legal steps are followed.
“There are some council members that want to close “maquinitas” down, under state law, you can’t do that and you can’t implement any measure you want just because you want to because you will end up in a lawsuit.”
This conversation comes after two 8-liner businesses were robbed.
City of Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz says he has an idea to make these businesses safer for the community
“Limiting the hours of operation I personally would want to see some feature there that any violation of laws that occur within those establishments that would give us the right to cancel the permit for any business.”
The city attorney is presenting an ordinance to city council members for approval that would implement new rules and establishments at 8-liner businesses.