During a 10-week period, a specialist conducted a poverty analysis in the city of Laredo. The results left some council members worried.

Although Laredo has a 4.2 unemployment percent rate, poverty makes up 32.4 percent of the city’s population.

“We found that although there’s around 34 percent of the households are single mother led households with children when you extract the data from different entities in the city and analyze it basically accounts for 78 percent of the households of lower income being single female households with children.”

According to Santiago Mota, a majority of these families’ income goes towards housing and transportation, leaving a small percentage for food and clothing.

Other information that left council members worried was the gender pay gap, where in certain professions a male earns more than a female

“More than fifty percent of the jobs are occupied by both men and women and both are able to carry them both without a problem. We found that most of the jobs present differences of up to 40 percent.”

After hearing this information,  mayor Pete Saenz says officials are ready to take action.

“Obviously there is a lot more work to be done we tasked the city manager to present to the council as soon as possible a plan of action that way we can start addressing this.”

The city’s budget workshops will continue Tuesday and Thursday at city hall starting at 5:30 pm.