The City of Mcallen is now offering an update to a drainage project after recent rain flooded neighborhoods of off El Rancho Road.

“We’ve got a major drainage master plan that we have just completed in 2017, that will encompass about 42 million dollars worth of improvements,” Mcallen City Manager Roy Rodriguez tells Fox News.

A new detention facility will be installed, allowing overflowing water from the canal and streets to be held temporarily until city workers arrive. “We’ll be able to hold water there, so that detention facility gives us capacity, the water is then piped out of there and piped into a ditch located that’s north of Ridge and East of Jackson,” says Rodriguez.

Money for the project was awarded by FEMA after the neighborhood flooded during previous storms causing massive damage to homes.

Residents in the neighborhood say they’ve waited for something to be done to help them and are relieved.

“Finally I hope it gets done you know seeing is believing too, you know we have to wait on it, hopefully they do cause we need it very bad down here and I mean it’s just horrible that these people got some water, I was lucky not too,” says Raul Casanova, who first spoke with Fox News during the heavy rain this past week.

The project is expected to be completed sometime in 2018.