“We don’t want to lose any more friends. We don’t want this to be happening to anybody else cause it’s very difficult, so basically, we just wanted some answers as to why there are no street lights who do I have to contact for that?”

In Mercedes, a community is coming together after the death of 19-year-old David Gobellan, to provoke some change in the city.

According to residents, city officials ignored their questions during a city council meeting.

Lauren Pitts, a Mercedes resident who was a good friend of Gobellan, tells Fox News that when she stood up to express her concerns, officials left the room.

“It was very disrespectful how they walked out on me and I understand they have better things to do rather than listening to a grieving child. I just needed some answers.”

The accident happened Thursday, September 6 at around 8 pm on mile 2 in Mercedes. 19-year-old David Gobellan was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in an alleged poorly lit street. He later died at the hospital due to his injuries.

After speaking to officials, this is what the chief of police had to say.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the family of David Gobellan as they mourn for the loss of their loved one. At this time the Mercedes Police Department is releasing a timeline of the auto-pedestrian accident.”

Julianne Moore, who called authorities after the incident, has lived in her property for 35 years. She tells us she has requested lights on her road many times.

“There’s no lighting on this street at all. I’ve been to the city council meetings, I’ve asked for lighting out here. No lighting has been put here, I’ve been to the city council meeting maybe three years.”

Friends of Gobellan tell us he was an amazing person and always walked with a big smile on his face. They say they would like for the city to add lights, in honor of his death.

“We are asking the city to add lighting here at night. It’s very dark and visibility is very limited so the light you basically have is just what’s coming out of your car.”

“Honestly, to have lights because nobody deserves what happened to David. He was such a nice person and he would always bring light to everybody.”

“We just want more lights put up on dark streets to make them fix the roads, it’s too narrow here.”

We reached out to city officials to see what they had to say about the lack of light on that street and we haven’t received a response. The accident remains under investigation.