Community Reacts To Plastic Bag Ordinance Ruling

With the recent ruling by the Texas Supreme Court saying a plastic bag ordinance is not allowed, the question now is: What will stores do?
“We’ve heard from Specs and the decision is so new it came out Friday. I know a lot of these retailers will be making these decisions one by one at the corporate level.”
Specs won’t be offering plastic bags. In a statement, HEB said they will evaluate the issue to ensure they are making the best decision for their customers and the communities they serve.
As for Walmart, a representative told Fox News to contact the Texas Retailers Association for an answer.
“The ruling just happened on Friday. I think everybody involved is taking a look at the ruling really trying to understand what it means beyond the basic top-line ruling that you cant do it to decide what the next steps are going to be.”
In a press conference, city officials said while the bag ban ordinance was in effect for three years, they saved 5.19 million dollars. When asked how this ruling will affect their budget, they said there will be an increase in labor costs.
“If we go back to how the problem that we had before with so many plastic bags in creeks we are anticipating most likely a 15 percent increase in labor costs to get those cleaned out.”
The city spent 480 thousand dollars in legal fees. The attorney representing the Laredo Merchants Association said he would be asking the city to reimburse his fees, but the city attorney said they will go back to court and let the judge decide who is responsible for those fees.
We also contacted Target for an answer but did not receive a response by press time. We will keep you updated with the latest on this issue.