Mission, Texas– Corporal Jose “Speedy” Espericueta served and protected his community for 13 years. After being shot in the line of duty, many are now mourning the loss of the fallen hero.

Espericueta was killed Thursday night after exchanging gunfire with a suspect, following a disturbance call. In honor of the corporal’s death, his police unit is parked in front of the department. Community members from surrounding cities have been making their way to the shrine to show their support.

An Alton resident tells us she lost a loved one in the line of duty eight months ago and felt it was right to take her daughter to show their support.

“I just want my kids to understand what he did for the community in mission and I just want to bring them to show their respect for the families and their loved ones.”

Many of these residents say that although they didn’t personally know the officer, they still went out there to honor him.

“I never got to meet him but it’s good to know that he was protecting us, saving us and to risk his life for us, that is sad.”

“It hurts our hearts that a child of ours is gone.”

“When we heard that they were putting his car out we definitely had to come out here to pay our respects to his family, to his friends. I know a lot of people in this line of work and it’s very hard to go through a time like this.”

Businesses across the city have also paid tribute to the fallen officer by putting up supportive words on their billboard announcements

The shrine will be in front of the department until the end of the week. Espericueta will be laid to rest tomorrow.