Tonight, opponents and supporters of the Pescadito Landfill unite to receive more information on this project that has been in the works for years.
The landfill would be located 20 miles east of Laredo, between highways 59 and 359. Owners of this project have had their permit revised by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality numerous times to meet the requirements. Still, opponents have some concerns.
“We need to learn more about the floodplain issues, the drainage, especially with these big rains we want to learn more about their expansion plans other questions that we had originally is the types of waste that they were interested in bringing in.”
But the developer of this project, Carlos Benavides, assures the community the landfill won’t affect the community.
“Well, the floodplain issue is a non-issue. We have modified the permit to remove all the project from the floodplain and in the toxic part your trash can at home is toxic so its just a word people are suing trying to scare people.”
Benavides has tried to build this landfill for years but has received opposition from members of the community.
Other concerns opponents have are the possibility of the landfill expanding. These questions will be addressed at a public meeting at the TAMIU Student Center. The meeting is scheduled to run until midnight or until all speakers have addressed their questions and concerns.