Webb County commissioners approved making an offer of 4 million dollars to purchase the former H-E-B building located at the intersection of Farragut and Flores.
According to commissioner Jesse Gonzalez, this offer is based on the building’s appraisal value.
“There is a statute that doesn’t let us pay more than the appraised value and when we did that appraisal it came lower than that counter offer was and based on the recommendation of legal stating that we need to offer something at the appraised value.”
Gonzalez says the owners of the building offered about 4.5 million, an amount higher than the appraised value of the building, which is about 3.9 million.
Commissioners are considering this purchase to build administrative offices for Webb County employees. Another option is the Tex-Mex property which is owned by the county. Commissioner John Galo says it’s possible they could build offices in both properties.
“We are busting at the seams here you know when I first came they were adding 15 employees a year that has stopped by these people have been crammed into spaces for some time. We rented out some facilities outside we are looking to try to consolidate and bring them into one roof and accommodate them and give them a good workspace.”

Commissioners have not said which offices would move to the new building. Officials are waiting for the owners of the building to make a decision on the 4 million dollar offer to move forward with negotiations.