Police have a new addition that will help them have more eyes over the city of Laredo.

The crime center has been in operation for two months and helps police access surveillance cameras throughout the city.

Authorities can access the cameras to help officers who are responding to a crime scene. This center cost 1.4 million dollars.

“Worth every penny of investment and we will explore it. From here we see cameras that can be accessed by our investigators and also they have data sources that are able to crunch numbers and get information “

Laredo police have access to about 600 cameras that have a view of the international bridges, parks, and traffic. The center works 24 hours seven days a week, and can also help other law enforcement agencies.

“We are able to work with them through protocol and most of the time it’s through requests. The requests are made through the records department and they come through our system” 

Police say they will continue to bring the latest technology to their department to better serve the community.