A city of Hidalgo council member is being accused of voter fraud, allegedly committed during the November elections for the independent school district races.

Today Fox News confirmed that the Texas Secretary of State has made a formal complaint to the Attorney General’s Office regarding councilman Rudy Franz.

As of November 19, Franz is accused of voter fraud by an activist from Election Integrity Advocates.

“A woman asked to be assisted by Franz and he then started pointing, this one that one, this one, at the machine instructing the voter for who to vote for.”

On October 24, Flores was working at a voting booth for the Hidalgo School District, where she claims to have witnessed Franz assisting the voter.

The official complaint sent to the Attorney General’s Office says the assigned judge to the school district’s races, Imelda Garcia, impeded Franz from entering the election booth after receiving complaints from his workers.

Texas law states a voter can be assisted if he or she is physically unable to cast a vote, but it is illegal for the assistant to make any type of recommendations.

We tried getting a hold of Rudy Franz but we are currently still waiting for a response.

“We received the complaint, and if we see that the case has a possibility of a criminal investigation, we send it to the prosecutor’s office.”

“The decision as to whether there will be a criminal investigation is completely up to them.”

Flores tells us she is willing to collaborate with the investigation given the corruption she has witnessed.

“Any person running for any position in this city can’t win if you’re not aligned to the Franz family.”

Flores along with her advocate group will be awaiting an answer from the attorney’s office.