Edinburg, Texas– The former city manager gave a press conference this morning addressing the allegations made against him.

After being accused of physical and emotional abuse from his ex-fiance Miriam Cepeda, Juan Guerra is now claiming that he is being blackmailed by his former partner on what he says is a false accusation.

“False allegations of assault only hurt violence victims. Her extortion demands started at 120,000 dollars plus a long list of other ridiculous items.”

Moments later Guerra accompanied by his attorney Reynaldo Merino went to the Edinburg police department to turn himself in after an order of his arrest was issued.

Juan Guerra is now facing charges of aggression and family violence with a bond at 10,000 dollars, he will now be transferred to the hidalgo county jail.

If a person has clean hands we believe we have to show our hands are clean so that’s what we’ve been trying to do.

Although they made the arrest today the police are still working with us in looking at new information and developing information.

Fox News reached out to Guerra’s ex-fiance Miriam Cepeda for a comment about this situation however as of now we have not received an answer from her behalf.

Guerra’s attorney says he feels confident with the way he is handling this case, count on us to keep you updated.