Alamo authorities say they discovered a leak of confidential information regarding the identity of undercover agents.
Officials say Crystal Denise Garza had access to sensitive information, which she allegedly shared with members of organized crime.
“Miss Garza was distributing really sensitive information regarding narcotics and that’s the main motive for her arrest.”
Given the situation is still under investigation, details over the exact information she reportedly distributed were not shared.
However, it is known that the group she allegedly collaborated with has its reach in multiple cities across the valley.
“We do work a lot with city members when we are dealing with targets in regards to narcotic operations and that’s why she had access to the information.”
Chief Castillo says the investigation began about a month ago when his department first learned about a leak, The source was traced to Garza.
Garza was arrested Thursday night and faces a 40-thousand dollar fine for collaboration with an organized crime group, a third-degree felony.
Alamo’s police chief says more arrests will be made in connection to this case as well as revisions to how much access city employees have to sensitive information.