Partisan fighting in the Senate has diminished the chances of the Children’s Health Insurance Programs, or CHIPs future in the balance.

If the Democrats and Republicans fail to find a way to finance the program, more than 400,000 children in the state of texas who benefit from the chip program will lose coverage.

Chip offers medical coverage to the children of families that do not qualify for medicaid or who can’t afford health insurance.

The latest revelation has worried valley resident Martha Villarreal, whose son is enrolled in the program.

“My son, who is working hard, had his insurance taken away because he started earning a little more money at work, but then he applied for chip and he was able to receive help,” Villarreal said. “The program is a big help because it causes him to pay only a small amount. This is going to have a huge effect because now he’s going to have to pay everything out of pocket.”

While the program received federal and state funds, the cut of federal funds now has left the burden to Texas to fund the rest of the program, which could prove difficult.

The Senate finance committee is scheduled to continue discussions to determine alternative solutions and funding.