A woman is facing charges after her son is found wandering the streets of south Laredo.
According to police, this year alone, they have received 20 reports of unattended children.
30-year-old Nallely Viridiana Loredo was arrested after her three-year-old son was found walking on a busy street.
“Based on the information that we had we heard, that it’s about five minutes that the child was out in the street. That information provided officers and enough probable cause to make an arrest and the mother is facing charges of abandoning a child with the intent to return.”
Authorities say they received a call from the 4500 block of Vanesitta Court. Neighbors reported seeing a child without supervision. The boy was found at the intersection of Masterson Road and Elizabeth Avenue.
With too many of these cases reported, Laredo police remind the community about the importance of keeping a close eye on children.
“Make sure that all doors are locked, all the windows are locked and properly secured. The last thing we want is for a child to escape and something happens to the child make sure parents are vigilant of their children especially if they are toddlers under the age of 10.”
Officials say children can get kidnapped or may accidentally be run over in these cases.