Ask him if he is investigating the death of a woman who was seeking admission into the US. The incident was reported on December 24th when the 41-year-old woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived at the Gateway to the Americas bridge. 

CBP officials say during the initial processing she was medically screened and cleared by off-site personnel.

She was taken to the Lincoln-Juarez bridge for overnight holding early Christmas a day the woman notified CBP of abdominal pain and vomiting.

She was taken to the hospital where her health has rapidly declined. The woman was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“Recently in this appropriations, we put the money we put instructions to make sure that CBP does everything that they have to do to make sure that they watch out for this situation since it looks like they did in this case”

See Webb county medical examiner’s office determined that the death is not suspicious as the woman had a pre-existing medical condition. CBP continues with its investigation.