MISSION (KFXV) — We begin tonight with in rural Mission resident asking county officials for repairs to guardrails near his home.
This after a driver lost control of his vehicle ending up a man’s front yard..FOX NEWS spoke to the property owner who fears for his safety.
Safety is his main concern, not only for himself but his family and neighbors in the area. He assures us this is not the first time someone crashes near his home.
A car loses control, crashing into a tree – ending up in Lino Contreras’ front yard north of Shuerbach Road last night– adding that the driver and the passenger are lucky to be alive. He recalls an incident from last year, after a driver lost control in the same area and died as a result. Contreras believes high speed and the curb to be contributing factors in these accidents.
His main concern is the damage the guardrails have sustained over time. He says they act as the first line of defense in protecting him and his family from future accidents.
Hidalgo County precinct 3 agents say they are aware of the situation and are working to address the concern. Precinct 3 agents tell us they are considering reducing the speed limit in the area; as for the guardrails – they say the repairs process is underway and we should have made progress within 30 days.