In the legal documents, Cameron County Housing Authority and Community Housing and Economic Development Corporation allege federal funds were lost in 2015, due to a discrimination against low-income and Latino residents after hurricane dolly struck in 2008. Ben Riemer, the attorney representing the corporation tells Fox News, “The leaders in Port Isabel prevented my client from proceeding my client from re-developing this property ”
Riemer continued saying it’s city commissioners and planning and zoning commission violated federal fair housing act.

Port Isabel City Manager Jared Hockema responded saying they did the job correctly. “We just categorically deny that. We’ve never discriminated against anyone. We support and promote affordable housing in The City of Port Isabel. It’s very important to us,” says Hockema. “We’re a majority Hispanic community and so these allegations really hurt and offend our people”

Plaintiffs are requesting compensatory damages that would fully compensate plaintiffs for the loss, allegedly caused by Port Isabel.