In Brownsville, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department hosted a three-day U.S-Mexico border security training.
The training was held for federal, state and local law enforcement officials, including seven agencies from the Mexican government.
“What we are trying to do is to work well and train well with the people from Mexico because it’s beneficial not only to the people of the United States but to the people of Mexico.”
Cameron County Sheriff, Omar Lucio tells Fox News the goal of the training is to strengthen the relationship between federal and local law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border.
Mexican officials learned about investigative tools and techniques to help combat organized crime in their area.
Deputy special agent of the Department of Homeland Security, Timothy Tubbs, tells us about the types of crimes they are trying to combat.
“We are looking at narcotic smuggling, money laundering, arms trafficking. We are also doing a course here on child exploitation, child pornography the movement of transnational gangs through the border commercial fraud.”
The training focused on crime scene evidence processing, first aid application, auto theft identification, among other relevant topics.
Today, agents participated in an active shooter operation where they reenacted a high-risk traffic stop and a close quarter combat, which is a technique that involves a team approaching the enemy.

Federal agents say they are here to serve the public and protect the community not only in the U.S. but also across the border.