A memorial to honor the 21 students who lost their lives 29 years ago stands at the intersection of Bryan road and 5-mile line.

September 21st, 1989, is a date many will always remember.

“We threw the boats. We would get the kids out and then do it all over again until all of them were out.”

Snider who was a firefighter for the city of Alamo at the time of the incident was one of many first responders who helped rescue students.

“My first reaction was to focus on the kids still inside the bus.”

The tragic story began when a cargo truck crashed into the bus causing the driver to lose control and land in a pit full of water. 81 students were on board, 21 of those lost their lives.

A valley native remembers this tragedy when she was just a young child.

“I was six years old when it happened. Everybody knows this is where the children died. Now that I am a mom, I can’t imagine what those parents must have felt.”

Firefighters who responded to the incident say they will always remember this day with great sadness.