Months have passed since the discussion of the Raven Refinery, but students at a school district decided to bring it forward in a form of a debate. The refinery is set to be located 70 miles east of Laredo, near Bruni, Texas and that is why students from nearby schools are discussing the topic.
The debate was hosted by Webb County Judge, Tano Tijerina to give students the opportunity to learn and discuss issues affecting the community. About 100 students attended the debate. Judge Tijerina tells Fox News his opinion on the refinery.
“I’m very much against the refinery coming and messing up our environment. I haven’t been educated in it, I haven’t gotten anything about understanding or anything written so my biggest concern is Bruni High School, the kids and the community that live in it as well.”
Students for and against the refinery had one hour to prove their case.
“My argument is that this refinery if it is done it will harm our community it is not worth us getting the population and it will have a long-term effect on our health.”
“Going to make a point that it won’t affect our environment because they are using geothermal energy and the people moving here to work at the refinery will increase the population and therefore help us implement better programs at our school.”
Students who attended the debate, say they have an open mind when it comes to the refinery and this debate helped them learn more about the issue.
“In this debate, I’ve been learning a lot like before. I didn’t know the things the refinery was planning on doing and things that can happen in the future if we move forward with it.”
The refinery was set to break ground last year and be in operation this year.